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" Talking Paintings "

" My paintings speak many internal dialogues. From every angle, there is a new hidden story and buried meaning. "
Hila Peled

About Hila Peled

I am an artist who is fascinated by the human experience. I portray this in my art, which I create using only a palette knife.

My focus is on highlighting the fact that behind every person, there’s a story that we don’t know. In my paintings, I express my own thoughts and feelings about people, sharing the deeper parts of my soul as this is where my interpretations arise from.

My painting reflects the experiences that I have had during my time living in a variety of different countries. I am currently enjoying the life and observations to be found in Berlin, where I live with my husband.


Why do I paint people?

A few years ago, I discovered a terrible secret about one of the dearest women in my life. Unknown to me at the time, she underwent severe sexual abuse at childhood by a person who was very close to us both at various times in our lives.

For several years I’ve tried to understand how seemingly ordinary people can turn into monsters. Were they always like that or were they playing a part pretending to be normal?

From that moment on, I began to look differently at people. I started to ‘read between the lines’ and to be more suspicious about people.

Whom do I paint?

I mostly paint those I observe who are parents, children, couples, families and business people.

Since I discovered the dreadful secret, my filter for observing and feeling about people has completely changed.

I now see people hiding, failing, being dependent, getting angry, hiding their emotions, feelings and their dreams.

Every one of us has some hidden secrets. The world is like a vast theater with daily dramas.


What's in a painting?

A painting is like a never-ending dialogue. Every person that looks at a painting interprets it on the basis of his/her own personal experience – their own filter.

The colors are sometimes dark and hard; other times they are cheerful and optimistic.

A painting expresses my feelings that day, is usually affected by the people that I’ve met. And I meet many people. Many of them are optimistic, smiling and pleasant. Some people bring you down and drain your energy.

A journey to the soul

With all those life-changing experiences and gathered information, I am still optimistic by nature, and it shows in my paintings.

My paintings are like a fascinating journey to the soul through my lifelong experiences. Continuous dialogue is underway every time you look at them.

Look closer, and you may detect more people figures appearing in the paintings. Each character has its own story for you to imagine, their own lives and feelings.


My life as reflected in the paintings

My life experiences, some happy, some sad, the successes, the failures and my feelings all are reflected on the canvas.

I’ve experienced a lot in my life, lived in several countries and cultures. The world, as I see it, is composed of an immense collection and variety of figures, each one is a world by itself.

It is all based on your imagination and life experiences.


You are invited to join me on this fascinating journey to the mysterious heart of the human spirit. Click here to talk paintings with me. You can share YOUR observations and what you see in my paintings with me. What do you see?

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